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When times get tough, the tough get going

Hi, I'm Liz, a pretty typical recent college grad. I chose to major in Anthropology, a subject I love, but the job prospects on the other side are abysmal. I'll be talking about what it's like to be a soldier on the ground of the employment battlefield, hopefully being insightful and humorous in the process. Stay tuned, good things ahead.


1 April 12
23 March 12

"So what sort of salary are you looking for?"


HATE this question. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.  All I ever imagine is me saying something way lower than they were expecting and then them saying “deal!” as fast as possible and me getting seriously underpaid. 


Me saying a number way higher then what they were hoping for and immediately getting crossed off the list in favor of the guy with meager demands.

Just pay me what you pay everyone else in the same position, damn it.


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19 March 12

I feel like I’m stuck at that top part of the roller coster and I’m just here waiting to pick up momentum.

My whole life is up in the air — career, education, love life. I’m on the admissions wait list for the only two graduate schools I’d like to go to, I am being considered for an internship with the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland that is dependent on me being a student, my current job is just a gap filler and I REALLY would like to move out of my parent’s house, which I can’t do until the aforementioned decisions are made. The worst part of it all is that all of this is ENTIRELY upon the shoulders of other people. I’m stuck in limbo based on other people’s whims.

5 January 12

This whole thing is so frustrating

I’m not sure what to do. I’m being overlooked for jobs which I qualify for because there are other, more experienced, more qualified people out there vying for the same entry level positions. So I apply to jobs to just get by, and I’m passed over for those because I am overqualified. It seems like I just can’t win, and that there are no jobs open for my skill set. I have some experience, but it’s patchy, so I never fully qualify for anything and it’s maddening. I swear, I’m going to become a stripper, or maybe find a sugar daddy to pay off my debts. Unfortunately, I hear both of those positions are hard to get into as well. 

Do any of you have any tips? Aside from the usual?

2 January 12
13 December 11

Man, I used to be so much more productive than this.

Unemployment is taking its toll on me

10 December 11

The tutoring job I got

did not give me nearly enough hours. I would be making less than my unemployment currently gives me, not nearly enough to be able to get my own place. The other job I applied for that I really wanted never called me back. I’m giving it a week but I’m rather upset about it. All of this just makes me want to give up. I mean, I’m trying here, but I’m looking in the second and third worst job markets in the US and it’s really tough. I honestly am thinking about moving.

9 November 11

I was hired for a job!

…But it’s only part time. I’m going to be working as an SES tutor, serving underprivileged communities. It pays well per hour, but I still wish I had a full time position. Going to keep working at it =)

Posted: 6:05 PM

A rough draft of how I wish my personal statement should start

I never get invited to parties. It’s not because I’m particularly boring or I have terrible halitosis. I’m not rude, and I don’t eat all of the host’s food without asking. My biggest flaw, my greatest fault, the tragic faux pa I habitually commit is discussing global health disparities once I’ve had a drink or two. This wasn’t always the case. When I started college, I had planned to be go all the way in Physical Anthropology, getting my Ph.D. and spending my life doing research. I’ve always been interested in health, illness, epidemics and the like, but I had never considered devoting my life to public health. That is, not until I took a couple medical anthropology classes at UCR. My passion for the subject was quickly ignited.

2 November 11

Just applied for three well paying jobs that I’m actually qualified for

Feelin’ bossy. Here’s hoping I get one. If I don’t even get called in for an interview I’ll be REALLY sad.

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